Nexus 5 Phone Being Used By Google Staff During Android 4.4 Kitkat Launching

By Muhd. Hafizi

September 5, 2013

nexus 5 phone

Google may be accidentally have shown the new Nexus 5 Phone which have not been revealed to public yet during the launch of Android Kitkat in their office space.

The Nexus 5 was rumored to bring a display screen size of 5.5-inch HD 1080p, 800 Snapdragon processing chip, 13-megapixel main camera, 3GB of RAM, LTE support, 2700 mAh battery capacity and will use the latest operating system Android 4.4 Kitkat.

During the event, one of Google employees found holding a Nexus device which is at the back of the device there is writing of Nexus word exactly the same as the latest models ,Nexus 7 and on the side of the device also looks as there is a LG logo.

nexus 5-phone

Could it be that Google and LG collaborated once again to produce Nexus 5? Together we look forward to an official announcement from the Google when the times come. We will keep updating the news to you guys. Keep supporting

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Android 4.4 Release? The Code Name Will Be Android “KitKat”

By Muhd. Hafizi

September 4, 2013

android 4.4 release

Key Lime Pie, a code name that we often heard related to the latest Android version after Jelly Bean. Recent news reveals the code name of the new version of Android is not a Key Lime Pie, but KitKat. Yes! Its is Android KitKat.Take a look at android kitkat page that already exist in android website.

With the news on Hugo Barra leave android team last week, google continue to move forward by introducing the new Android KitKat. TechSpot reported, Google has confirmed the news and the deal has been made to use the trademarked name as the code name of the next version of Android. KitKat itself is the trade name of a chocolate bar made by Nestle and licensed by Hersey in the United States.

According to John Lagerling, Director of Android Partnerships , the decision to ‘stay away’ from the Key Lime Pie came after they realized very few people really know the taste of Key Lime Pie. (more…)

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Microsoft Buy Nokia Devices Business For Price Around $7.17 Billion

By Muhd. Hafizi

September 3, 2013

microsoft buy nokia

Microsoft Buy Nokia Devices Business

When the news about Steve Ballmer announced to resign from Microsoft still in mind, it quite surprising today, when Nokia announced the next step in their business, where Microsoft will take over and buy Nokia’s devices and services business. In addition, the Microsoft also will license Nokia patents and copyrights and also their mapping services.

For the purpose of business acquisitions Nokia devices and services, Microsoft will pay a fee of EUR 3.79 billion, while paying up to EUR 1.65 billion for licensing purposes. The combination of these two will show the value of the transaction until 5.44 EUR billion occurs in the form of cash.

Along with this, it is expected to Microsoft’s Stephen Elop will join with several other employees from Nokia.

As we all aware, the Nokia ready to focus on Windows Phone, and rumors related acquisitions Microsoft has said several times. Of course, now under Microsoft, we equally will see various other devices based operating system from Microsoft will come out, including Windows tablets and Windows 8 RT.

Along with this, the brand Nokia Asha will be Microsoft’s, and it is unknown whether they will continue to connect or not.

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